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The ivy is an evergreen associated with faithfulness and strong support. Like this perennial plant, the wounded healer continues to grow throughout life in order to help others transform and transcend trauma.

The Nurse as Wounded Healer: From Trauma to Transcendence was published in 2002 and generated much interest in the nursing community. The Greek myth regarding Chiron as the wounded healer is well known and numerous citations of the archetype are found within all world religions and mythologies.

However, the questions remain :

How do we apply these concepts to modern life and are they more applicable now than ever?

Is there a difference between the concepts of the Wounded Healer and the much used phrase Walking Wounded?

What this website will examine theoretically and practically is how the wounded healer develops in the helping professions and does there come an end to using the self therapeutically if one becomes one of the Walking Wounded?

Does trauma play a role in our therapeutic natures or lack thereof?

Can one return to the state of being that I have termed the walking wounded. Do those that go through life crushed by their pain become unavailable to themselves or others?

Are they unable to become therapeutic again or does that potential for helping to heal ever return?

Is the healing ability ever as bright as it once was and does the healing power mature based on what it has learned?

There are no simple answers to these questions, yet an analysis of the formation of the wounded healer within may provide a chance to begin research into the lived experiences of this phenomenon. This website is dedicated to those who seek to transcend their wounds and go on to live a better and more fulfilling life.

Dr. Conti-O’Hare