by Marion Conti-O’Hare, Ph.D., APRN, BC

bookcoverHow to Deal with Difficult Patients: 5 Steps to a More Peaceful Nursing Practice by Dr. Marion Conti-O’Hare, provides the reader with an in-depth look at the QUEST model for Reflective Practice through clinical examples and analysis. In this personal, easy to read e:book, the core concepts for achieving a higher level of awareness are explored. As a result, the reader will be stimulated to use the QUEST model in everyday personal and professional settings. The book also includes an excellent bibliography.

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bookThe Nurse as Wounded Healer: From Trauma to Transcendence


Dr. Marion Conti-O’Hare examines whether nurses can fully care for others wounded spiritually, emotionally, and physically, without first addressing trauma they may have experienced in their own lives. This unique book begins with a historical perspective of healing practices, then addresses the changes that are necessary to meet the health care needs of today’s increasingly wounded society.

Ideal for nursing educators, practitioners, students, and other professionals, this book will help nurses articulate the nature of their trauma, to heal themselves and their profession.

Features:  A historical perspective of healing throughout the ages, and theoretical perspective of the wounded healer, Dr. Conti-O’Hare’s innovative model for practitioners to follow in transcending trauma Vignettes, both fiction and nonfiction, of other wounded healers